Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Honest Scrap award

Looky at what my good friend Boni at gave to me and it came with rules too here they are

1. Thank you Boni
2. Share this award with others
3.List 10 things about yourself that no one else knows (okay this is tough)
4. Tell the chosen ones they have been chosen
5. The bloggers chosen should link back to the one who has chosen them

10 things about myself that my blogger buddies do not know

1. I have a pet fish
2. both my kids have fish
3. I don't look good in a bathing suit
4. I have Hazel eyes
5. Those aren't blonde highlights in my hair anymore, I think they are grey
6. I have 7 piercings (can you guess where)
7. Reality show junkie
8. If I go through a metal detector I would set it off
9. never have had a cavity (thank goodness)
10. Has all the seasons that is out there (currently 11 of 14) of DALLAS

so I give this award to

there you go those are my honest scrappers


Deborah Anton said...

Thank you Lisa for this award!!

Anna said...

You look like you like tackling challenges too! Loved peaking at your takes on a lot of the challengs I've tried lately too! Thanks for posting my blog candy!

Jacilynn said...

Hey Thanks so much! So sweet of you to think of me. You are one talented lady.