Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blue And Green Colour Challenge

Today I completed A spoon Full of sugar's challenge in which you were to make a card with blue and green found at

The digital image is a Jessica Lynn original and for a limited time you can get the I LOVE____ Brentwood free of charge found at

Today I put I LOVE SCOOTERS as it is my son's church program's name and it is there last night tonight for the season so its a thank you card to the instructors Robert and Marion for doing such a good job with the program.

I'd Like to also thank Jacilynn for directing me to this cute digital print you can find her wonderful blog here
Have a nice day


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Jacilynn said...

Too Cute! What a great idea, to use this for a Thank you card. Love the colors. Glad you found this freebie! I'm always excited for a freebie. Have you got the freebies off Dustin Pike's blog? those are sooo great!